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What’s the big deal with Hypnosis?

Welcome to the world of Hypnotherapy!

Hi! I'm Viv and I love helping people find their true north through my practice of clinical hypnotherapy.

Over the past decade, I've helped many people overcome difficult and limiting beliefs, find respect and love for themselves and remove obstacles to obtaining their goals, while teaching them to connect with themselves, and the great imaginative power they (and you too) innately have!

The blog posts that follow will be all about that: what hypnosis is (and what it's not), how media has shaped misunderstanding, it's humble, honourable, and sometimes harrowing beginnings, what to know before diving in, and much more!

I hope you'll enjoy this journey as much as I do! If you have questions or feedback, leave me a comment- I'd love to hear from you.

Warmly, Viv

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